Founded in 2008 as an enterprise Shabaa Civil Engineering & Construction Ltd is Turkana based general construction company. We specialize in general supplies in stationary and office equipment, printing and publishing houses and premises. We also deal with installation of water meters, plumbing and piping lanes.

We also build, acquire, establish, improve, conduct, develop and manage school constructions, rural roads grading, fish camps, houses, restaurants, government institutions and many more. Intergrity, quality and innovation are the characteristics that distinguish us from other construction companies. Our goal is to provide a quality service that cannnot be found with any other company in the construction industry.

We bring superior and qualified craftsmanship to every project we handle. Our succesful construction approach is based on aggressiveness in administering services, accurate cost control and low overhead based on a thorough knowledge of the industry and our client's specific needs. We believe in hiring talented people for their longterm potential giving them the responsibility and authority to be effective team players.