1. Quality – a commitment to quality is a commitment to the best in all of us. Self-respect and the respect of others are the rewards that result from a quality job. Shabaa has done quality work before and is still doing quality services to our esteemed clients is our pleasure.

2. Client – striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our clients’ highest expectations. Building good client relationships through leadership, creative solutions and hard work. Meeting the agreed deadlines and standards has always aided our efforts towards satisfying our clients.

3. Safety – construction is a hazardous business and Shabaa is dedicated to education, implementation and self-monitoring all safety programs to insure the safety working environment for all our employees. Technical and experienced workforce is put in place to make sure that they execute what they know to the best of their knowledge to avoid unnecessary accidents.

4. Teamwork – the team is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Simply stated, our company is only as good as the chemistry that exists between us. Shabaa Construction fosters cooperative efforts between all employees. Team building is a core attribute of Shabaa and is the basis of our success.

5.Individual initiative – the courage and tenacity required to promote new ideas is the result of the hero that exists in all of us. We encourage everyone to look for better ways of doing things and foster the forums in which expressing those ideas become reality. Individual initiative is rewarded so as to encourage employees in pursuing new areas of interests for the benefit of the firm.

6.Profitability – we view profitability as a way to strengthen the Company and as a means to perform more desirable projects and provide a better working environment. Profitability is the core reason for existence of any company but in line with satisfaction of consumer needs. These ideals have helped Shabaa find and retain the best brightest in our industry.